Japanese dishes

Discover typical Japanese flavors thanks to this section dedicated to traditional Japanese dishes. You will find popular dishes, local specialties as well as other little-known dishes.

Oyaki: Delicious Japanese pancake

Oyaki are little-known treasures of traditional Japanese cuisine, offering an explosion of unique flavors in every bite.

Japanese Senbei or Japanese rice crackers

Discover the history, flavors and special features of Japan’s famous snacks, senbei! Learn more about these crunchy, delicious rice crackers that are an integral part of Japanese culinary culture.

7 unusual types of sushi to discover

Sushi is one of the most popular and well-known Japanese dishes, but did you know that there are many different types of sushi?

Maki Sushi Rolls – Hosomaki

In Japan, maki is also very common, we can eat it almost everywhere. We can eat it almost everywhere, in a restaurant as well as in a Japanese supermarket.

Tsukemono, maceration techniques

Tsukemono 漬物 is the generic term used for macerated foods. These are for example vegetables, fruits or even seaweeds preserved in various ingredients and marinades such as for example rice vinegar, salt, miso or even shoyu soy sauce

Gyoza, delicious Japanese ravioli

Gyoza are delicious fried cabbage and pork ravioli revisited by the Japanese. You will find gyoza in many Japanese restaurants and especially in the Izakaya.

Takoyaki, icon of Osaka

Takoyaki are small balls of soft dough filled with octopus. They are found all over Japan and are a specialty of Osaka city.

Edamame, king of the Japanese aperitif

Edamame is a must for the aperitif in Japan! These beans are very famous and appreciated by the Japanese who eat them as an aperitif accompanied by a beer.

Okonomiyaki, delicious Japanese pancake

Discover okonomiyaki, a Japanese salted pancake very popular in Japan that can be eaten in a restaurant or in a yatai, Japanese stand!

Tsukemen, cold Japanese noodles to dip in a delicious broth

Tsukemen つけ麺 is a Japanese dish of cold noodles served separately with a rich and flavorful hot broth containing many ingredients.