Japanese salty recipes

Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, sushi or tempura will be on the menu of this section devoted to salty Japanese recipes. Find our tips and tricks to easily make your Japanese dishes at home a success. Are you ready to put on your apron? Then get to your ovens!

Japanese recipe of garlic tsukemono with soy sauce

Enjoy this Japanese recipe of tsukemono with garlic which will give taste to your dishes. Quick to make, it will delight your taste buds and those of your family.

Furikake recipe ふりかけ, Japanese condiment

If you like to cook Japanese, you probably already know the furikake. A traditional Japanese condiment, it can be sprinkled on vegetables or any other dish to add flavor and texture japanese rice it can be sprinkled on vegetables or…

Recipe for Korokke, crispy Japanese croquette

Korokke are very popular in Japan! They are so good and so easy to make! Check out our recipe right now!

Japanese recipe chirashi spicy salmon avocado Korean style

Here is our Japanese recipe of salmon and avocado chirashi with Korean “gochujang” sauce. It is slightly spicy and delicious.

Japanese chicken teriyaki pizza recipe

If you like teriyaki sauce, you will love this Japanese pizza recipe. We are sure it will become your favorite pizza.

Recipe imo mochi いももち, Japanese potato and cheese cake

Try making delicious imo mochi, potato cakes with soy sauce and butter, which are eaten as an appetizer.

How to cook sushi rice?

Cooking Japanese rice is an essential element to have very good sushi. We will see in this article how to prepare it well.

Recipe spaghetti tuna mayo Japanese style

Discover our recipe for Japanese-style spaghetti with tuna and mayo. It’s very simple to make and the taste is original!

Recipe chirashi sushi ちらし寿司 with seafood

Chirashi sushi is a sushi rice platter with various toppings spread over the rice. Its greatest characteristic is the beauty of the ingredients and colors, which makes it an ideal dish for a birthday or a party! Check out our recipe!

Ehomaki recipe, a long sushi maki for setsubun

Make ehomaki, a lucky sushi! Discover our detailed recipe with the Japanese utensils and ingredients you will need.