Japanese desserts

Find the flavors and subtlety of typical Japanese pastries thanks to this section dedicated to traditional Japanese desserts. Discover the popular Japanese sweets but also local specialties and other little-known pastries.

11 popular chocolates in Japan

There are many delicious tasting chocolates in Japan. Discover the most popular chocolates and snacks in Japan!

Matcha, high quality Japanese green tea powder

Matcha (抹茶、粉茶 ), is a finely ground, high-quality green tea powder that has been consumed in Japan for centuries.

Dango, small sweet or savory mochi balls

Dango is one of the traditional Japanese sweet and savory desserts. They consist of a skewer of three to five dumplings of glutinous rice flour called mochi, plain or flavored, sometimes topped with a filling or topped with sauce.

Kintaro ame, traditional Japanese candy

In Japan, Japanese sweets are above all a delicacy for the eyes like wagashi, that’s why their shapes are very original and very cute. But here we will present you the kintaro ame!

Chiffon cake, air cake

Chiffon Cake シフォンケーキ is an airy, moist and spongy cake. Perfect for a light snack. A pastry that the Japanese love.

Ichigo daifuku, delicious strawberry pastry

It’s almost springtime in Japan and you’ll see pastries called ichigo daifuku, gourmet Japanese strawberry pastries.

Kakigori, the Japanese crushed ice

Kakigori is a very light crushed ice cream popular in Japan in summer. Discover this dessert that the Japanese love!

Japanese strawberry shortcake

For the holidays and especially for Christmas, the Japanese enjoy a Japanese strawberry dessert called ichigo no shotokeki, presentation.

Sakura mochi, spring wagashi

With the approach of spring and hanami in Japan you will find a delicious and very popular pink pastry the Sakura mochi, presentation.

Chigiri pan, cute bun

Chigiri pan is a sweet or savory bun that is making the rounds on social networks. It is very popular in Japan and friendly.