Japanese Utensils

Who says Japanese cuisine says Japanese utensils! They don’t go one without the other, that’s why we will present you the essential Japanese utensils to have absolutely at home. Japanese knives, frying pan, hangiri, spatulas… Find everything you need to cook Japanese food at home!

Japanese chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are used to eat, but also to cook or serve. There are good manners to respect when eating at the table in Japan! We explain everything in this article.

Japanese knives

Japanese knives are essential and indispensable utensils for Japanese cooking. Presentation of the different types of knives.

Where to buy kitchen utensils in Tokyo?

You want to buy Japanese utensils during a stay in Tokyo? Here are our tips and addresses.

The Japanese rice spoon or spatula

An essential utensil in the preparation of Japanese rice, the rice spoon or spatula, discover its particularities.

Makisu, sushi mat

Need a tool to roll sushi? Here is the makisu, a bamboo mat that is very practical and takes up little space.

Hangiri, container to finish the sushi rice

An essential utensil for the preparation of a perfect sushi rice, the hangiri! Detailed presentation of the hangiri in this article.

Tamagoyaki pan

If you want to make tamagoyaki, sweet or savory Japanese omelets, you will need a tamagoyaki pan. Here are its characteristics:

10 tips on kitchen utensils for Japanese-style cooking

You are ready to cook Japanese food! But what are the essential utensils? Here is a list of 10 tips for Japanese cooking.

The bento or lunchbox in Japan

Bento 弁当 is a very popular dish in Japan, it is a snack, a snack or a meal tray that you take along to eat.

Japanese bowls, utensils used in everyday life

Japanese bowls are used at all Japanese meals. The bowls are different depending on the person and his use, discover them in this article.