Japanese culture and culinary traditions

What dishes are consumed by Japanese people in everyday life, during the holidays or at Christmas? How to behave properly at the table in Japan? How do Japanese people perceive Japanese food? These are all questions to which we provide answers in this category dedicated to Japanese culinary customs.

Kodomo no hi, the children’s festival on May 5, what do we eat?

Kodomo no Hi 子供の日 is a Japanese festival to wish for the health and growth of children. Check out the lucky dishes and desserts.

What do we eat in winter in Japan?

Winter in Japan can be quite harsh, it is common to eat hearty meals like stews, fondues, ramen…

Setsubun 節分, February 3, the festival of the arrival of spring

Celebrate Setsubun, the arrival of spring in Japan! You can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes. Discover them in this article!

Yoshoku cuisine, Japanese cuisine inspired by the West

Yoshoku cuisine merges Western ingredients and cooking techniques into a Japanese style. An aspect of Japanese cuisine to discover.

Nanakusa no Sekku 七草の節句, 7 Herbs Festival, January 7

Nanakusa gayu is the traditional Japanese breakfast on January 7th. It contains 7 herbs and rice porridge to purify the body.

New Year in Japan, what do we eat?

Following our article on Christmas in Japan, New Year’s Eve in Japan immediately takes the lead. Indeed, this festival has several important aspects and is spread over several days with delicious traditional Japanese meals!

KFC, the traditional Christmas dish in Japan

At Christmas in Japan, the traditional dish is KFC fried chicken. How did this dish become the essential dish for Christmas in Japan? Explanation.

Japanese dining habits and customs

In general, Japanese people have many rules to respect. The meal is not left out and includes a certain number of rules that we will make you discover.

Hina matsuri, the festival of the girls what do we eat?

March 3 is the festival of little girls in Japan, a traditional festival called Hina Matsuri, where traditional food and pastries are served.

Yatai, mobile stand

The yatai are very friendly stands and you will find delicious local food: okonomiyaki, takoyaki, ramen.