Sweet Japanese recipes

Matcha cake, dorayaki, ichigo daifuku or Japanese pancakes are waiting for you in this section dedicated to Japanese sweets. Find all the subtlety of the flavors of Japanese pastries.

Japanese recipe hojicha tea cookie with white chocolate

Discover the recipe for Japanese cookies with Hojicha tea and white chocolate, a delicious and original dessert that combines the rich, roasted taste of Hojicha tea with the sweetness of white chocolate.

Japanese recipe, chigiri pan, a soft milk bun to share

Prepare an irresistible Japanese brioche, perfect for sharing, with a divinely soft, creamy texture. Try it now!

Japanese recipe Chiffon Cake with matcha

Discover the delicious Japanese recipe for Matcha Chiffon Cake, a light and airy cake. Follow our simple instructions and enjoy this iconic Japanese dessert.

Easy Japanese recipe with white chocolate and matcha

Easy to make chocolates with only 3 ingredients! The bitterness of matcha blends well with the sweetness of white chocolate. This is a typical Japanese dessert to offer for Valentine’s Day.

Japanese recipe matcha and anko cream roll cake

Make a dessert that is sure to impress your family and guests with this classic Japanese roll cake recipe. The delicate anko cream filling pairs beautifully with the matcha green tea sponge cake that wraps around it.

Japanese matcha crème brûlée recipe in a yogurt maker

This matcha crème brûlée recipe is an original and tasty way to enjoy matcha.

Matcha green tea and white chocolate cookie recipe

Our Japanese matcha tea recipe makes delicious cookies, slightly sweet, but with the typical matcha taste.

Matcha mille crepes recipe

How about making a delicious Japanese matcha pancake cake recipe? A Japanese cake called “mille crêpes” ミルクレープケーキ with matcha!

Matcha yokan recipe 抹茶 羊羹

Make a matcha yokan, a traditional Japanese dessert from Kyoto. This recipe gives an elegant and delicious end result.

Recipe Shiroan 白あん, sweet white bean paste

Shiroan is a sweet white bean paste, and it is an essential ingredient in traditional Japanese pastries, here is our recipe!