Sweet Japanese recipes

Matcha cake, dorayaki, ichigo daifuku or Japanese pancakes are waiting for you in this section dedicated to Japanese sweets. Find all the subtlety of the flavors of Japanese pastries.

Matcha green tea and white chocolate cookie recipe

Our Japanese matcha tea recipe makes delicious cookies, slightly sweet, but with the typical matcha taste.

Matcha mille crepes recipe

How about making a delicious Japanese matcha pancake cake recipe? A Japanese cake called “mille crêpes” ミルクレープケーキ with matcha!

Matcha yokan recipe 抹茶 羊羹

Make a matcha yokan, a traditional Japanese dessert from Kyoto. This recipe gives an elegant and delicious end result.

Recipe Shiroan 白あん, sweet white bean paste

Shiroan is a sweet white bean paste, and it is an essential ingredient in traditional Japanese pastries, here is our recipe!

Recipe melon pan, Japanese sweet buns in the shape of a melon

Melon pan is a very popular Japanese sweet bun. Here is our delicious melon pan recipe that will transport you to Japan for sure!

Matcha yuzu cheesecake recipe

Make a cheesecake with a hint of Japanese matcha green tea powder and yuzu. This lovely dessert is light, creamy and just sweet enough!

Recipe for taiyaki, fish-shaped waffle

Taiyaki is a Japanese cake that is shaped like a sea bream and is filled with a sweet red bean paste called anko. It’s fun to cook!

Steamed Daifuku Recipe

Make delicious Daifuku, traditional Japanese desserts made with steamed anko.

Mitarashi Dango Recipe

Mitarashi dango are skewers made of 3 to 5 mochi lightly grilled and topped with a slightly sweet soy sauce

Japanese dango recipe

Dango, also called odango, is a very popular traditional snack in Japan. They are mochi dumpling skewers made with glutinous rice flour.