Japanese drinks

This section presents the many Japanese drinks and their special flavors. Some of them are very popular and others less known. Discover mysterious, new, unknown flavors and tastes… with the most unexpected packaging. We will also introduce you to the Japanese beverage brands that have been established for years on the archipelago.

Japanese beers: discover the unique flavours of Japan

Enjoy Japanese beers: a popular drink in Japan with a unique flavor that’s sure to please.

7 drinks that the Japanese consume to warm up in winter

Winter in Japan is harsh and you’ll find plenty of hot drinks to warm up and avoid colds. Here are 7 ideas of drinks to warm up in winter like in Japan.

Matcha, high quality Japanese green tea powder

Matcha (抹茶、粉茶 ), is a finely ground, high-quality green tea powder that has been consumed in Japan for centuries.

10 popular Japanese cocktails

We present you 10 popular Japanese cocktails served in Japanese izakaya bars! These cocktails are also consumed during certain events such as the New Year in Japan or during Japanese festivals called “matsuri”.

Mugicha, the Japanese summer drink

To quench their thirst in the summer in Japan, the Japanese drink mugicha, a very refreshing drink.

Drink dispensers in Japan

What surprised us in Japan was the abundance of drink dispensers which are finally very practical.

Tea, the essential drink in Japan

Tea in Japan is a daily drink and is also used in Japanese cuisine.

C.C Lemon, carbonated lemon drink

The C.C Lemon is a lemon soft drink very popular in Japan, discover it in this article.

Basil Seed Drink

The Basil Seed Drink is a drink based on basil seeds which is widespread in Japan, original and consistent, discover it in our article.

Pocari sweat, Japanese drink

Pocari sweat is a Japanese drink which is very much consumed in summer because it is very hot in Japan or after a hangover.