Japanese meat dishes

Discover the Japanese meat dishes, you will be surprised there are many and are delicious!

Tsukemen, cold Japanese noodles to dip in a delicious broth

Tsukemen つけ麺 is a Japanese dish of cold noodles served separately with a rich and flavorful hot broth containing many ingredients.

Nikujaga, Japanese stew

Nikujaga is a traditional Japanese family dish made with beef or pork and potatoes, usually eaten in winter. The Japanese love it for its simplicity and comfort

Takikomi gohan, a very comforting mixed rice dish

Takikomi gohan is a typical Japanese dish, very simple and with seasonal ingredients.

Kushikatsu, delicious breaded skewers

Kushikatsu 串カツ or kushiage is a skewer breaded in panko (Japanese breading).

Yakiniku, barbecue of grilled meats

Do you like melting meat? We present you the yakiniku, a very popular and convivial dish in Japan.

Oyakodon, bowl of chicken and eggs on Japanese rice

Oyakodon is a popular dish in Japan, it is one of the most important dishes in Japanese cuisine. Discover it in this article.

Yakitori, grilled chicken skewers

Yakitori, delicious skewers very popular in Japan, are very different from what we can find in France.

Nabe or Japanese fondue

Nabe or nabemono is a very popular winter dish in Japan that allows to get together with friends or family.

Gyudon, bowl of beef and hot rice

Gyudon is a very popular and essential dish of Japanese cuisine, it is mainly made of Japanese rice and beef.

Yakisoba, the Japanese fried noodles

Yakisoba is a very popular fried noodle in Japan. It is a classic dish of Japanese cuisine.