Japanese dishes without meat or fish

In Japanese cuisine, there are many dishes without meat or fish, based on tofu, vegetables, noodles etc… Discover them in this section.

Maki Sushi Rolls – Hosomaki

In Japan, maki is also very common, we can eat it almost everywhere. We can eat it almost everywhere, in a restaurant as well as in a Japanese supermarket.

Takikomi gohan, a very comforting mixed rice dish

Takikomi gohan is a typical Japanese dish, very simple and with seasonal ingredients.

Kushikatsu, delicious breaded skewers

Kushikatsu 串カツ or kushiage is a skewer breaded in panko (Japanese breading).

Nabe or Japanese fondue

Nabe or nabemono is a very popular winter dish in Japan that allows to get together with friends or family.

Agedashi tofu, fried tofu

Here is a popular dish in Japanese cuisine, it is the agedashi tofu, fried tofu in tsuyu sauce, a delight!

Tamagoyaki, Japanese omelette

Tamagoyaki is a kind of sweet and salty rolled omelette very popular in Japan but different from ours. A treat in the mouth!

Ramen, noodle soup

Ramen is a very popular dish in Japan that is eaten much more than sushi! It is a comfort food and a must in Japan.

Sushi, Japanese food

Sushi is well known in France thanks to sushi shop, matsuri etc. But it has nothing to do with the one in Japan. So what is a real sushi?

Ten don, a bowl of rice with tempura

A ten don is a Japanese dish of the donburi family, bowl of rice with tempura, discover this delicious Japanese dish in our article.

Tempura, very tasty Japanese fried fritters

Tempura or tenpura 天ぷら are fried fritters of vegetables and seafood that are very tasty, light and very digestible. It is a popular dish in Japan.