Japanese rice and noodles

Rice and noodles are two staple ingredients of Japanese cuisine, and are featured in many popular dishes. Japanese rice is famous for its soft and chewy texture, which makes it an ideal choice for sushi, rice balls and other similar dishes. Japanese noodles are also very diverse, ranging from soba to udon to ramen. Each of these noodles has its own distinct textures and flavors, and can be eaten hot or cold according to personal preference. Learning about the different varieties of rice and noodles will help you understand the importance of these ingredients in Japanese cuisine and the many ways they can be used to create delicious dishes.

How to cook sushi rice?

Cooking Japanese rice is an essential element to have very good sushi. We will see in this article how to prepare it well.

Japanese rice : Everything you need to know

The Japanese really have a very strong bond with rice, which is a precious commodity. It is a fundamental food and a basic ingredient in many recipes in Japanese cuisine!

Udon, round and thick Japanese noodles

Udon is a typical Japanese noodle and very popular. Thick, delicious and soft, discover these noodles!

Soba japanese buckwheat noodles

Soba 蕎麦 are brownish buckwheat noodles widely consumed in Japan. Discover in this article its particularities and variations.