Japanese fruits, vegetables and mushrooms

Discover the typical Japanese fruits, vegetables and mushrooms and their uses in Japanese cuisine.

Kabocha, Japanese pumpkin

In Japan, in autumn is the season of kabocha かぼちゃ, a Japanese pumpkin widely used in Japanese cuisine both in savory and sweet dishes. Discover in this article, this autumnal Japanese pumpkin.

Edamame, king of the Japanese aperitif

Edamame is a must for the aperitif in Japan! These beans are very famous and appreciated by the Japanese who eat them as an aperitif accompanied by a beer.

Wasabi, an essential condiment in Japan

Whether eaten pure, in sauce or even cooked, wasabi is a must in Japan. Here is an article dedicated to this super plant!

Shiso, a food plant very present in Japanese cuisine

Shiso is a food plant very cultivated in Asia and very used in Japanese cuisine. It is a delicious plant.

Beni shoga, red pickled ginger

Beni shoga is pickled red ginger which is present in many Japanese dishes. This one allows to raise the dishes, a delight!

Cherry sakura leaves

It’s springtime in Japan, you’ll find sakura mochi surrounded by a cherry leaf, and it eats well!

Negi, Japanese spring onion

The negi is an aromatic plant very used in the Japanese kitchen to flavor all types of dishes, vegetables, meats, soba ..

Daikon, the Japanese radish

You have probably already tasted daikon, finely cut and white, it is found as a garnish with sashimi. Do you really know this Japanese vegetable?

Shiitake or lentin mushrooms in Japanese cuisine

Shiitake mushrooms or called lentins are very popular in Japan. In Japanese cuisine this mushroom is very present, discover its virtues.

Yuzu, Japan’s favorite citrus fruit

The yuzu is very present in Japanese cuisine, in desserts, in sauces, as well as in savory dishes. Discover its aspects.