Japanese recipes

Here is our selection of simple and easy Japanese sweet recipes to cook from home. Find all the flavor of typical and popular Japanese dishes but also the delicacy of Japanese desserts and pastries.

Japanese recipe for avocado with mayonnaise and soy sauce

Here is a recipe avocado soy mayo, this dish is usually found in izakaya (Japanese bar), let’s go!

Recipe agedashi tofu, fried tofu

A new recipe for vegetarians and lovers of Japanese cuisine, agedashi tofu, fried tofu in a tsuyu sauce, a delight!

Kakutako, alternative recipe for takoyaki

Discover the kakutako, a quick and easy recipe, an alternative to takoyaki and okonomiyaki! Let’s go for it!

Dorayaki recipe

Dorayaki are very popular Japanese cakes in Japan. Here is our simple and delicious doryaki recipe.

Recipe sauce chili mayo

Here is the recipe for a sauce called “chili mayo” which goes very well with karaage, ebi fry and fried fish or meat.

Onigiri recipe, a quick snack to make

Our onigiri recipe is quite simple and fast, for this we use a plastic mold to make your onigiri in 5 minutes! Let’s go !

Onigirazu, quick and easy recipe for a maki sandwich!

Onigirazu, maki – onigiri sandwiches are perfect for your lunch and bento breaks. Quick, simple and very good, here is our recipe for onigirazu.

Okonomiyaki, quick and easy recipe!

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake that is eaten as a main course. It is easy to make, quick and delicious. Here is our recipe!

Matcha green tea cake recipe #1

A must in Japanese cuisine and very present in France, here is our matcha green tea cake recipe which is very soft and greedy.

Okayu, easy rice recipe for baby

Rice in Japan is very important, the first thing a baby tastes is rice porridge called okayu. Here is our recipe!