Japanese recipes

Here is our selection of simple and easy Japanese sweet recipes to cook from home. Find all the flavor of typical and popular Japanese dishes but also the delicacy of Japanese desserts and pastries.

Matcha green tea and white chocolate cookie recipe

Our Japanese matcha tea recipe makes delicious cookies, slightly sweet, but with the typical matcha taste.

Recipe for Korokke, crispy Japanese croquette

Korokke are very popular in Japan! They are so good and so easy to make! Check out our recipe right now!

Japanese recipe chirashi spicy salmon avocado Korean style

Here is our Japanese recipe of salmon and avocado chirashi with Korean “gochujang” sauce. It is slightly spicy and delicious.

Matcha mille crepes recipe

How about making a delicious Japanese matcha pancake cake recipe? A Japanese cake called “mille crêpes” ミルクレープケーキ with matcha!

Japanese chicken teriyaki pizza recipe

If you like teriyaki sauce, you will love this Japanese pizza recipe. We are sure it will become your favorite pizza.

Recipe imo mochi いももち, Japanese potato and cheese cake

Try making delicious imo mochi, potato cakes with soy sauce and butter, which are eaten as an appetizer.

Matcha yokan recipe 抹茶 羊羹

Make a matcha yokan, a traditional Japanese dessert from Kyoto. This recipe gives an elegant and delicious end result.

Recipe Shiroan 白あん, sweet white bean paste

Shiroan is a sweet white bean paste, and it is an essential ingredient in traditional Japanese pastries, here is our recipe!

Recipe melon pan, Japanese sweet buns in the shape of a melon

Melon pan is a very popular Japanese sweet bun. Here is our delicious melon pan recipe that will transport you to Japan for sure!

How to cook sushi rice?

Cooking Japanese rice is an essential element to have very good sushi. We will see in this article how to prepare it well.