Japanese recipes

Here is our selection of simple and easy Japanese sweet recipes to cook from home. Find all the flavor of typical and popular Japanese dishes but also the delicacy of Japanese desserts and pastries.

Easy Japanese recipe with white chocolate and matcha

Easy to make chocolates with only 3 ingredients! The bitterness of matcha blends well with the sweetness of white chocolate. This is a typical Japanese dessert to offer for Valentine’s Day.

Japanese recipe kakiage, vegetable tempura

Have you ever tried the Japanese recipe kakiage, vegetable tempura? It is one of the most popular snacks and dishes in Japan. If you like crispy and crunchy food, you must try it!

Japanese recipe matcha and anko cream roll cake

Make a dessert that is sure to impress your family and guests with this classic Japanese roll cake recipe. The delicate anko cream filling pairs beautifully with the matcha green tea sponge cake that wraps around it.

Japanese recipe spicy karaage, Korean style chicken fritters

This Japanese inspired spicy chicken fritters recipe is a great alternative to traditional Japanese karaage. They are perfect as an appetizer or as a main course with Japanese rice.

Japanese matcha crème brûlée recipe in a yogurt maker

This matcha crème brûlée recipe is an original and tasty way to enjoy matcha.

Japanese recipe tazuna sushi 手綱寿司, beautiful holiday sushi

Discover these elegant Japanese tazuna sushi! In addition to being visually beautiful, these sushi are light, seaweed free, healthy and easily made at home.

Japanese recipe yakiniku sauce

Yakiniku sauce is a condiment that goes well with grilled Japanese meats! Here is the recipe of this yakiniku sauce, simple and quick to prepare.

Japanese recipe Kuri Gohan, Japanese rice with chestnuts 🌰

Kuri gohan is a traditional Japanese dish made with rice and chestnuts. This quick version of the recipe is perfect for cold fall weather. Check out our pressure cooker rice recipe.

Japanese recipe of garlic tsukemono with soy sauce

Enjoy this Japanese recipe of tsukemono with garlic which will give taste to your dishes. Quick to make, it will delight your taste buds and those of your family.

Furikake recipe ふりかけ, Japanese condiment

If you like to cook Japanese, you probably already know the furikake. A traditional Japanese condiment, it can be sprinkled on vegetables or any other dish to add flavor and texture japanese rice it can be sprinkled on vegetables or…