Japanese drinks

This section presents the many Japanese drinks and their special flavors. Some of them are very popular and others less known. Discover mysterious, new, unknown flavors and tastes… with the most unexpected packaging. We will also introduce you to the Japanese beverage brands that have been established for years on the archipelago.

Salt & Fruit kitchen, the sweet and salty drink

Salt & Fruit Kitchen World drink is a non-alcoholic drink very popular in Japan. As the name suggests, this drink adds a little salt!

Calpis, the essential Japanese drink

Calpis is a very popular drink in Japan! Have you already tasted Calpis? Not known in France, discover it in this article.

Sake, Japanese alcohol made from rice

Like wine in France, there are different ranges of sake according to their qualities and refinements. Discover all its aspects in this article.

Umeshu, Japanese plum alcohol

The umeshu is an alcoholic drink in which Japanese plums are macerated for a long time. It is a very common alcohol in Japan.